What does your email address say about your business?
Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 11:46PM
Ryan Cowen in Email, domain name, email

Like a virtual handshake, your email address can speak volumes about your business without saying a word.  If you're still asking potential customers to contact your Yahoo or Gmail account, it doesn't remind them of doing business with an established, professional company.  Your contact information could get lost among their family and friends with similar looking emails.

The most difficult step in getting your new email address is finding an available domain name.  Luckily, if you have a unique business name you'll probably find the corresponding domain name available.  So if your company name is Babushka Interiors - you're going to find www.babushkainteriors.com is available.  Now, if you have a name like Johns Plumbing, John over in Broward County Florida already beat you to it.  To see if your business name is still available, check out Instant Domain Search and start typing.  It will let you know if your name is available on .com, .net or .org is available.  A few helpful hints:



Once you find your dream domain name, make sure it's short and memorable and it's actually something.com - you're half way there!  The next part of the process is the technical stuff of knowing where to point all these names to.  You can wait until the next part of our article to get an overview of what you need to do, but obviously we suggest contacting info@wcitgroup.com to let us help you personally.


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